October 23, 2014
HUBA awarded in Montreal

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HUBA won in the LAB section of 43. Festival du Nouveau Cinema. This competition of Montreal festival is dedicated not only to short and long length features but also to video installations and performances.

The announcement at the festival’s website.





September 29, 2014
HUBA wins Ars Independent Festival 2014

Ars Independent

The jury headed by Bruce LaBruce awarded Polish authors Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal the Black Horse for the movie HUBA.

The jury so justified their verdict: “The powerful portrait of alienated society, striking and pure aesthetic, expressive use of the assembly and mis-en-scene, and for willingness to confront the audience.”

The award was received by actress Joanna Drozda, who on behalf of Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal said:

“First of all it is a great honor, because Ars Independent is a festival of independent cinema, and this territory is particularly close to us – we hope that it will be also a comfortable space for the audience. Victory of HUBA – the only Polish film in the international competition – is ennobling. And the fact that the president of the jury that decided on awarding our movie was Bruce LaBruce gives us the feeling that HUBA is universal. ”

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August 9, 2014

Viewers of 14. International Film Festival T-Mobile New Horizons voted for the best movies. Film HUBA by Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal reached the second place in the Audience Award votes.

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July 24, 2014


Today 14th International Film Festival T-Mobile New Horizons has started. The polish premiere of the movie HUBA directed by Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal will be held in Wrocław. The new title from acclaimed authors of the movie IT LOOKS PRETTY FROM A DISTANCE will have two screenings:

30.07 // 7.15 pm Cinema NH 9
31.07 // 10.15 am Cinema NH 9

More on the festival’s website.

During the festival the official movie poster will be available exclusively in two versions: 1 & 2.

The film HUBA had its world premiere at this year’s 64th International Film Festival Berlinale in Forum section. Two screenings during the 14th International Film Festival T-MOBILE NEW HORIZONS are the only pre-release shows in Poland before the regular cinema distribution that will start this fall throughout the country.

Christoph Terhechte:
[Director of the Forum section]

We are looking for films that will resonate with the audience and demolish schematics expectations. Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal are conscious creators, who remain true to themselves and are able to go against the current – not just in their own backyard, but in all of cinema.

Press about the film:

While the previous Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal movie is close to Bruno Dumont cinema, the PARASITE brings to mind first of all the minimalism of Lisandro Alonso cinema.

Jakub Majmurek
Krytyka Polityczna


PARASITE by Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal seems to be the best what polish film artists did so far.

Anna Bielak




March 19, 2014
Huba (Parasite) Polish premiere at New Horizons Film Festival Wrocław 2014

Huba (Parasite) will have its Polish premiere in the International Contest section of this year’s 14th T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. The festival will take place from 24 July to 3 August 2014. The screenings times and dates are to be announced at the Festival website.

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January 16, 2014
Huba (Parasite) world premiere at this year’s Berlinale

Huba (Parasite) will have its world premiere at this year’s 64th Berlinale Film Festival in the Forum section.

Forum press release at Berlinale website

Screenings schedule:

10.02.14 15:30 CinemaxX6 (press screening)
12.02.14 19:30 CinemaxX4 (world premiere)
13.02.14 20:00 Colosseum 1
14.02.14 19:30 Delphi-Filmpalast
15.02.14 12:30 Arsenal

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Poland / 2013 / 66 Min Super 16 mm transferred to 35 mm / Produced by / Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal, Sadie Coles HQ


Huba (Parasite) is a film about an ailing old man and a young mother. After retiring from the factory, the man, deprived of his daily routine, loses control over his time. Unable to eat or sleep, he starts drying up. The mother and child are like a single organism. Yet their relationship is, for all its closeness, one of dependence and inequality. The child, whose attachment to life is the strongest, is ravenous and needy; the woman, though enjoying a brief moment of freedom, is doomed to be a victim, while the old man has nothing to keep him going now that he can no longer work at the factory. When the three of them try to have a life together, they are like the Holy Family reversed. Brought together by chance, their lives intertwine in a web of oppression. The film follows their daily existence and slow decline.

Anka Sasnal



b. 08.11.1980 in Warsaw, Poland

Joanna Drozda is a graduate of Paseo Academy of Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri usa and has a Masters’ Degree in Acting from National Drama School in Cracow. She’s worked with many well known directors like Krystian Lupa (Premio Europa 2009) or Robert Wilson. She lives in Warsaw and performs all around Poland.



b. 05.01.1949 in Bruszków Wielki, Poland
d. 29.03.2013 in Kraków, Poland

Jerzy Gajlikowski was trained as a mechanical engineer. He played in amateur theaters and appeared in a music video of Polish band Czesław Śpiewa. He lived and worked in Kraków.



b. 30.10.1973 in Tarnów, Poland

Anka Sasnal is an editor and scriptwriter.
She lives and works in Kraków.


b. 29.12.1972 in Tarnów, Poland

Wilhelm Sasnal is a painter and filmmaker.
He lives and works in Kraków.


Filmpolis Agata Szymańska
Agata Szymańska
t +48 514 593 757



Anna Serdiukow
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